Rugby JDA Participating in the Career Builders Program

The ND Career Builders Program, which provides scholarships and loan forgiveness for in-demand careers if a student lives and works in ND for three years, is now live and economic development organizations are working to implement the program in their communities.

Rugby has a student loan assistance program and added the option to request a match for the career builders program. Rugby has of 22 workers participating int he program and so far one using the career builder loan repayment match. The student loan program has turned out to be one of the most effective partnership tools the Rugby JDA has been able to implement in attracting and retaining a workforce. All of the applicants are making commitments to live, work, and play in our community. These applicants will not just work in Rugby, they will live, grow, and add value to the community. This is a tangible program directly helping employers attract and retain a workforce. Most of what economic developers do is behind the scenes so this program is a great way to show the public the direct impact.