EDND Success Stories

As a part of EDND’s effort to champion the growth and diversification of North Dakota’s economy through professional development, networking, and advocacy, EDND has created a booklet of success stories about projects within North Dakota. These stories support EDND’s mission of:

  • Diversifying the Economy – To ensure North Dakota’s economy is stable and its tax base is expanding, EDND supports efforts to diversify the economy.
  • Increasing North Dakota’s Competitiveness – To compete on a global scale, the state must address challenges facing existing businesses and be attractive to businesses seeking expansion into the state.
  • Growing from Within – Supporting an attractive and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is key to realizing the economic benefits of homegrown innovations and investments.
  • Linking Industry and Education – With today’s growing workforce needs, economic development professionals connect growing businesses to education resources, research and development capacity.
  • Creating Vibrant Communities – Supporting a quality of life that attracts and retains talent is vital to maximizing our state’s growth potential.


These success stories have reached over 16,000 people through EDND’s social media campaign. View EDND’s success story booklet here.