Mission: To champion the growth and diversification of North Dakota’s economy through professional development, networking and advocacy.

Vision: A North Dakota filled with vibrant communities and economic opportunities for all.


Diversify and grow North Dakota’s economy by:

  1. Building North Dakota’s future workforce through investments such as career and technical programs.
  2. Enhancing investment and funding options.
  3. Providing consistent and reliable funding for North Dakota’s infrastructure.
  4. Strengthening and increasing community development grant programs for local implementation.
  5. Continuing to bolster the state’s economy and fiscal health through diversified tax reform.


Workforce Availability and Development

The ability of North Dakota businesses to maximize the potential of the state’s economy will depend on their capacity to attract and retain a 21st-century workforce. To do this EDND:


Economic Diversification

The long-term future of North Dakota is dependent upon planning expanded economic diversification and supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and start-up ventures that bring new wealth to the state. EDND:


Infrastructure Development

Smart, efficient infrastructure that gives North Dakota the capacity to grow is critically important to the health and vitality of the state. EDND:


Community Development

Healthy and vibrant communities are essential in attracting talent to live and work in communities and in revitalization, diversification, and new wealth creation. The growth potential of North Dakota communities and rural areas depends on the quality of life that exists in those communities. EDND:


Pro-Business Climate

Improving the state’s economic and business climate with a competitive taxation and regulatory environment to promote the creation of new wealth and the diversification of North Dakota’s economy. EDND supports:

  • Supports diversified and competitive taxation, including corporate and personal income taxes.
  • Supports local decision-making and flexibility regarding business financing and incentives.

For more information, contact EDND at 701-355-4458