EDND has three membership classes: Active, Associate and Legacy

Active Membership

is available to any organization or individual engaged in the practice of economic development as a professional or as a volunteer who has demonstrated active involvement in promoting economic development within the state. View the benefits of joining EDND. Every Active Member in good standing is entitled to one vote on any matter submitted to a vote.

Associate Membership

is available to those not directly engaged in the practice of economic development or those who practice economic development outside the state, but who desire information concerning the profession and are in agreement with the objectives of the Association. An Associate Member has all the rights and privileges of membership except voting and holding office. Associate members choose a level at which to join, which corresponds to various benefits.

Legacy Membership

is available to retired economic developers still interested in being involved in the organization. This $100 annual membership provides you with the benefits of an EDND associate member. To become a legacy member, contact Jennifer at 701-355-4458.

For more information on becoming an EDND member, send an e-mail to or call Clearwater Communications at 701-355-4458.